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About Legacy Software

Legacy Software has been involved in software maintenance and development for over 40 years. Staff members typically measure their individual IT histories in decades.

Two things are certain: this is computer software and we live in a changing world. Legacy Software lives or dies by its ability to deliver solutions while they are still relevant. There are large software suppliers devoted to the provision of software products whose development cycle corresponds to the life span of the pedal cycle. For some strategic products, that is entirely appropriate.

We thrive in a different, more tactical world. When you are trying to meet ever-nearing deadlines such as ensuring your organisation's ability to cope with legislative, architectural or functionality changes, the emphasis is on speed of delivery, flexibility and the supplier's ability to address emerging requirements. Legacy Software is small and nimble. We have some big clients, but our value to them is in our ability to provide novel solutions in short time-frames.

There will always be the need to depend on the giants of the software world for the systems that are unchanging and fundamental to the business. But for solutions that are needed now to problems that must be addressed this year, you need the help of a small, compact organisation, where communication are rapid and decisions can be made in real-time.

Legacy Software is run by people who are well aware of the needs of big organisations. Our people grew up in multinationals serving European and world-wide markets. Legacy Software can move quickly, not hampered by the need to satisfy absentee owners and non-executive directors. At Legacy Software, we run enough people to get the job done, but not enough people that we spend time justifying every move and every chance we take.

Most importantly, we can respond very quickly to the needs of the market. When clients decided how they needed to work in the testing of Y2K compliance, we were able to produce dynamic and static date-ageing software quickly from conception to delivery. When a client identified a need for automating the creation of project planning material, we had the solution available in a couple of weeks.

If you have a particular requirement that can be built upon our existing expertise, please let us know.