The Legacy Directory - Automated Inventory

Automation of data auditing

Automation is a key aspect to the process of auditing. Of course, there are other ways to achieve the target of having 'clean' data, but they involve either a high degree of human input or a low level of functionality.

quikDATA offers a computerised scan of the appropriate copybooks and include members and a process whereby all data fields in the files or databases can be examined, record by record, row by row, to identify instances where the data does not match the application's requirements.

The benefits are clear. You can reduce the number of application failures, both in batch jobs and in on-line transaction processing, leading to an increase in productivity, an improvement in throughput, reduced costs and easier achievement of SLA targets.

That means less time spent by staff in fixing and in circumventing problems as well as less machine time on re-runs and error handling. There can be greater confidence that disparate applications will actually work together and a far lesser risk of application failures impacting on business relationships.

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