The Legacy Directory - Automated Inventory

Code Change

Maintaining critical systems requires a high level of manual intervention. While many products are available for creating new systems, correcting errors or adding functionality in existing ones requires knowledge, experience and precision.

As any project manager knows, it is critical to allocate resources effectively in order to assign the right change to the right person. It is also important to do things in the right order. quikPLAN from Legacy Software makes the planning and execution of maintenance projects much easier by delivering a first cut project plan complete with tasks, dependencies and the appropriate resources.

Its not that we believe that we can plan a project better than an experienced project manager, it's that we can deliver a full project plan much faster than any other method. We can do this by extracting all the necessary information from The Legacy Directory and merging it with information about who is available and what tasks are needed.

One of the main issues facing a programmer when a change is being made is to assess the impact of anything they do. Typically this involves looking at other, higher level, or subsequent code to ensure that any changes in the current module are either reflected in subsequent processing or do not change expected output.

The challenge is to find all these dependencies, in a way that does not impact on the re-development process. Rather than using ISPF "Search for" utilities or code scans from library management products, The Legacy Directory can be used to provide immediate answers and allow the user to ask additional questions. Automated Analysis of the changed code will save you time and money.

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