The Legacy Directory - Automated Inventory

Frequently asked questions

1. Can The Legacy Directory integrate with other metastore stores?

Yes. you can output the data in CSV format which can be used to import the data into other stores.

2. Can you import and export information, perhaps via spreadsheets?


3. Who can access the metadata?

Anybody who has the RACF authority to read the directory (but see (5) below).

4. Who can update the metadata?

Legacy is designed so that the data is loaded automatically. A "notes" facility is also provided which allows the user to add unlimited amount of text and which is retained from update to update.

5 Can the interface be tailored to suit differing audiences?

Yes. We have a power users interface, a single screen interface, a batch interface and, if required, it can be dropped into a MySQL database and accessed via a web browser. HOWEVER; this is a simple interface that does not have (at least yet) any graphical capability. It is the web equivalent of a set of ISPF screens.

6. Can the underlying meta model be extended?

Absolutely. The meta model is completely extensible and does not require changes to database definitions to achieve it.

7. Does The Legacy Directory manage or link to any "business models", including governance information?

Yes. The information is scanned as part of the scan & load process. If the information is in a speadsheet, for example, it can be exported as a CSV and scanned just like any other computer readable text. If the business data - for example accounting or application information - can be gleaned from the application objects, then the information is collected automatically.

8. Can I compare two snapshots of meta data to compare changes?

Yes. Standard IBM utilities will do this on the mainframe (dfsort); "diff" can be used on *nix.

9. Can I link this to my configuration management tool?

Yes. We would recommend that as part of the checking-in of production objects. This enables you to do a selective refresh of the directory rather than a complete re-scan.

10. Is licencing cheaper for simple non mainframe environments?

The Legacy Directory is a z/OS based product. We provide analysis and scanning tools that run on *nix as part of our service offering.