The Legacy Directory - Automated Inventory

Implementation and beyond

The main job of a production system is to work correctly and effectively 100% of the time.

A large number of the errors in the production environment are caused by invalid or "damaged" data. Improved data quality has a significant impact on systems reliability.

Information is the lifeblood of any organisation and information is only as good as the data on which it is based. If the data is erroneous, incomplete or unreliable, how can the organisation use it confidently for decision-making or for any business process?

The answer is that most organisations press on regardless, making the best of it. And yet there is a simple way they can clean it up, an easy method of ensuring that the data is what it is meant to be, that it is all there and even correcting it where it is wrong. quikDATA from Legacy Software is a natural development of the facilities that were widely used for Year 2000 projects. quikDATA automates the recognition of data values that do not match the data items as shown in your copybooks and PL1 include members. quikDATA is available for use on QSAM, VSAM, DB2, DL1 and other data resources. quikDATA even automates the cleansing of the data by applying pre-determined default values in cases where the actual contents of a field are seen to be unacceptable. Alternatively you can supply your own range checks or value lists.

quikDATA offers referential checking within the current data record or row and even allows for checking against values in other data sets or databases.

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