The Legacy Directory - Automated Inventory

Applications Discovery with Automated Software Metrics

The Legacy Directory, with its enterprise source code scanning engine, quickly collects software metrics and provides an instant overview of your productions systems at any level; be it at program, application, suite or system.

Scanning millions of lines of code a minute, The Legacy Directory blazes through an application system quickly establishing the active code base and automatically producing quantitative statistics. These statistics can then be used to estimate the complexity of programs, applications, suites or systems and will feed directly into decisions about how to deploy resources for re-engineering, systems retirements or conversion.

The Legacy Directory will scan all machine readable source code and comes complete with parsers for programming languages, JCL, databases (DB2, IMS, and others) and CICS control blocks. The Legacy Directory can quickly identify your production code and generate the software metrics at whatever level (individual program, application, suite or system) is appropriate to you.

A “one size fits all” approach to collecting software metrics does not normally allow you to take account of application, system or enterprise tools or language extensions that have been built in-house and on which you depend; a code metrics collector needs to be able to adapt to local conditions. If you use an in-house pre-processor or routines that require specific handling, the The Legacy Directory scanning tables can be quickly adapted.

You probably already have a planning process that can benefit from metrics collection but you don't want to spend time manipulating the data in order to fit your own requirements; independence from proprietary metrics systems is an important consideration

Easily installed, quickly customised and simple to run, The Legacy Directory can be used by your project teams or used as part of a consultancy assignment.

Cost effective and with minimal system overhead, The Legacy Directory is your solution for Automatic Software Metrics.