The Legacy Directory - Automated Inventory

Understanding legacy systems

The Legacy Directory - Enterprise Automated Software Inventory

There are some universal truths in computing:

  1. The simpler the change the more likely it is to bite you when and where you do not expect.
  2. There will always be more work required than your team can humanly do.
  3. Management will always ask you to save money.

The software development and management process becomes ever more complicated as time goes on. New technologies compete with existing systems creating a complex, multi-layered environment that keeps getting more costly to maintain.

Automated inventory analysis can help to make software management easier, cheaper and less expensive.

The Legacy Directory completely automates the production of a software inventory and quickly provides detailed analysis of the impact of change in an easy to use and familiar environment. With minimal input from technical specialists, it allows you to quickly identify areas where cost savings can be realised.

Making it easier to keep track of your software

In summary: The Legacy Directory provides robust, enterprise wide information on your application systems:

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