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Project planning is the art of maximising resources within a given time against known tasks. While the mechanism of building a project plan is well known, the way of collecting the necessary supporting data for the plan has barely changed in thirty years.

In today's database centric environment, where most companies run tightly interconnected systems, it is absolutely critical that the evaluation, changing and testing of individual components is done in a sensible, methodical and cost effective way. The ideal approach to project planning is to ensure that all information relating to the structure of the system is understood in advance, and any dependencies in code, files or reports are fully understood. The sheer scale of major maintenance projects means that this information cannot reliably be collected manually. Inventory Driven Planning is essential.

Everyone surely agrees that the more relevant information you have on hand when planning a project, the more likely it is to succeed. The information required is:

From the knowledge base of previous projects, a project planner will have a good idea of the tasks involved in changing a program, and the time required to accomplish them. The resources available to the project will also be known, or can be assumed. But what are the components on which the resources will carry out the tasks? Legacy Software's quikPLAN is a simple, automated, solution for planning complex projects. Legacy Software's market leading Legacy Directory collects information about your computer systems. Once the information has been assembled, planning your maintenance projects should be a snap!

By utilising the system information held within The Legacy Directory, all the dependencies between systems components are identified and catalogued. This information can then be generated and passed to the Project Planners.

Does that really solve the overriding problem of what is going to be done with the information?

The sensible solution that Legacy Software has adopted with quikPLAN, is that the objects held within The Legacy Directory are merged with a set of standard information:

It's as simple as that! A full-scale project plan is literally a few simple mouse-clicks away.

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